Utah Ice Fishing Report 02/04/20

Utah Ice Fishing Report 

Echo Reservoir

The Ice Fishing on Echo has been good but getting better. The is holding up surprisingly well and hopefully will be fishable until the end of February. With a cold front coming across Utah for the next couple day will certainly help. I guide’s have been finding a good amount of Perch in 45-55 feet of water. The best rig has been a small jig tipped with a meal worm. We are starting to catch more trout than we were at the start of the season. If you are looking to target trout we have been finding them in depths of 5-15 feet.

East Canyon Reservoir

We are excited to now be permitted on East Canyon Reservoir . East Canyon has really shinned this season and is certainly fishing better than Echo overall this year. The Ice is holding up really well on East Canyon and we are hoping that it is fishing into the start of March. The Trout bite on East Canyons has been really good this year and continues to get even better as the season progress. Our Guides have had there best luck with a plastics jigs with a  meal worms tipped off the end. We are finding fish suspended out in the deeper water.

Rock Port Reservoir

Rockport has been hit or miss. One day its fishing excellent the next its hard to find the fish. The Perch have been really schooled up and always seem to be on the move. Right now to catch perch you got drill a bunch of holes until you find them. We catching some nice trout depending on the day. The trout have been cruising i the shallow water so if your looking to just target trout fish 10-30 feet off the edges. Over the fishing has gotten better and the best fishing of the year should be over the next couple of week. Another positive is the weather in Utah looks to be cold over the next 10 days and that should really help prolong the Ice Fishing season. I Will get another Utah Ice Fishing Report up next week. Until then be safe and have fun.




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